About AuroKrishi

Who We Are

AuroKrishi is an initiative of Gramonnati Trust - a not-for-profit Social Enterprise that aims to support rural transformation through technology and entrepreneurship. Aurokrishi programme focuses on enabling rural enterprenourship in organic farming by providing rural farmers with training, education and technology in order shift from industrial to organic, environmental friendly and sustainable practices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to move rural India towards organic farming and develop 5000 organic farming agri-entrepreneurs over the next five years. This transition is imperative to reverse the damages of the green evolution which ushered in the rampant use of pesticides and fertilisers to ensure bumper yields and curb famine and food shortages. Farmers today face many challanges such as crippling debt and loan burdens resulting from the high costs of pesticides, fertilisers and expensive geneticaly modified seeds.

What We Do!
AuroKrishi works with Farmers, Ex-servicemen and their families, Rural entrepreneurs, Farming enthusiasts, Women and Youth group members, Students and Institutions to promote sustainable agriculture and allied sectors to provide better livelihood opportunities to rural communities. Apart from organising skill development and rural entrepreneurship training programs to different target groups, AuroKrishi works with farmers to develop sustainable farming practices and create direct market linkages to gain better price to their produce